Tutor2Aid | Our Team

Iha Gadiya

Founder & Tutor

I created Tutor2Aid to give children a safe space to learn and financially support those in need.

Aiding those is need!

Aarushi Kumar

Outreach Director

I joined Tutor2Aid because of my passion for teaching kids and my desire to contribute to charities-- combining my love for working with kids and making a difference in the world!

Avni Mishra

Activities Director

I joined Tutor2aid to spread my love of learning to others!

Keya Gadiya


 I joined Tutor2Aid to help kids strive for their academic goals. Not only strive for their academic goals, but to achieve and surpass them. 

Khadija Jukaku


I joined tutor2aid to teach kids like me, so that they can benefit like I did with these classes. I also did it so that many people benefit from this organization.